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Terms of Use

By using the TweakFS Online Shop you agree to adhere to the following terms and conditions:

General Conditions

  1. All information used to set up an account must be accurate and truthful.*
  2. You agree not to share or give your login/password to any other person.
  3. You agree not to pass on the products you purchase to any third party.
  4. You agree to promptly inform TweakFS of any technical difficulties with this site.
  5. You agree to make a personal backup of any purchased software.
  6. You agree to personally verify the PayPal site is secure.#

* Accounts that are fraudulent or lack credible information (fake names, addresses, etc.) will be deleted without notice.

# The secure link must have the "" as part of the address. Also check that the SSL secure "padlock" is displayed on your web browser status bar as further confirmation that you have accessed the genuine PayPal web address (Please note: For performance reasons the TweakFS product information pages are non-secured, however after being redirected to the PayPal site for your own protection you must verify it is secure, this is always a good practice and something we strongly recommend).


To view our strict privacy policy please see the Privacy Notice page.


All products, images and text on this site are Copyright of TweakFS or their respective authors. Unauthorized copying and distribution is prohibited and all content on this site is protected by US and International Copyright law.


As a customer you are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the information provided for the setting up and accessing of your account. Any account that has been verified as fraudulent will be terminated without notice. Any persons under the age of 18 must have parental/guardian consent to open an account. You must not pass on your login information to any third party. This site and its download links are monitored and any attempt to abuse this system will also result in the termination of the account.


The base currency for transactions on this site is the US dollar (US$). When being transferred to the PayPal secure payment page the total figure will be displayed in US dollars and the payment page may offer the option to view the amount in another currency. However, any other currency quoted on the TweakFS Shop site is only meant as a comparative guide, we do not update the exchange rates on a daily basis.

Try Before You Buy - Free Demo Software

All TweakFS products sold on this site are released as fully-working demos, usually with a time limitation. While this exposes us to piracy and increases development time, with little perceivable revenue benefits, we insist on folks having the opportunity to evaluate the software before committing to a purchase.

There is no difference between the demo and the full product - they are one and the same. Usually they are unlocked with a registration key which is downloaded immediately after purchase (if paying with PayPal), or in some cases delivered via email within 24 hours (in the case of certain products that indicate "Registration Delivered Via Email"). Please try the free demo or sample before purchasing, we want you to be a satisfied customer.

Refunds Policy

Due to our practice of providing free working demos, refund requests by TweakFS customers are a rare occurrence. However, at times it may be necessary, please see our Refunds Policy for more information.

Downloadable Products

We recommend making a personal backup of the purchased software and registration for future installation purposes. However, hard drive failures and data loss are a reality so as a service to our customers this store will preserve the links to your purchased products so you may download again at any time.

If you agree to these terms you may go to the Create New Account page

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TweakFS Utility Bundle (FSX)
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